Our Story

môme care® was born of the imagination and perseverance of two women entrepreneurs, one in Paris, and one in Boston. Looking for a deodorant for their teenagers, they do not find the desired product; they do not want an "adult" deodorant, fearing the presence of harmful ingredients and their side effects.

They notice a wide range of makeup and fragrances, sunscreen products, baby-care and treatments for acne is available, but no brand for the daily care of the skin of the 5 -15 years old and over.

They decided to launch môme care® according to three key principles, one of Safety, Efficiency, and Modernity.


Vitamin C?

The benefits from Vitamin C, also called Ascorbic acid, are numerous. Vitamin C is involved in collagen formation, the cement of the skin, promotes the absorption of iron, strengthens resistance to infections, and has antihistamine properties.

môme care® skincare concentrated with Vitamin C extract ensures targeted action to Protect, Preserve and Beautify the skin of children and adolescents.


Textures and Scents

Once our technical specifications of safety and efficiency were established, we carefully studied the textures and scents of our formulations.

With the guidance of cosmetic chemists, we made sure môme care® formulas were non sticky, non irritating for the eyes, did not taste bad, and were fast absorbed by the skin.

Finally we looked for non-allergenic scents compatible with our specifications. Working with scents producers from Provence (France), we selected non-allergenic, delightful scents. 


Hype Design!

Designing the right packaging for môme care® products was challenging and took time. We needed something to appeal both girls and boys, as well as children, adolescents and parents. We were also looking for a color scheme that could speak to international consumers and reflect a French identity.

The decisive step was to involve our young users. They all voted for the blue stripes and this choice proves very efficient on stores shelves, you can't miss the môme care® line of products!

See on the right early designs from 2013 and the final designs selected.

Artboard 1.png