Skincare. For Children and Teens.


for Children and




*In French, môme means kid, child, pretty girl, young boy.

"The new well-being ritual to a beautiful skin for life" 


We deliver our products within 3 days of purchase nationwide. For deliveries in France, please order on the e-boutique L’Appartement Français in euros.

What makes Môme care?

Made in France


The choice of Vitamin C


Finally, a skincare formulated for each step of childhood, free of harmful ingredients, and proudly made in France

môme care® introduces the Indispensable Cream product line

A range of skincare including three lotions formulated to meet the specific needs of young epidermis.

With the same guarantee of quality, safety and efficiency. Choose the skincare according to her/his age for a daily ritual of well-being, health and beauty.

* môme means kid, child, pretty girl, young boy in French.

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