Skincare. For Children and Teens.


To answer the demands of parents and the needs of children's skin.

môme care® developed a unique concept to meet the requirements of young epidermis: the Hype’Derm® concept based on a threefold promise: Safety, Efficiency, Modernity (Hype!).

A beautiful teen skin is a well-cared child's skin!

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Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images


Safety ...

môme care® products have been formulated without any known harmful ingredients, nor any allergens. They are gluten-free, without hormones or endocrine disruptors, without nanoparticles. 

They comply with REACH regulations and all European and American safety standards. Always cruelty-free and Vegan.

French Cosmetic Cluster

French Cosmetic Cluster


... is Quality

Therefore all môme care® products are proudly 100% made-in-France.

French inside!

All ingredients of môme care® products are from France for an optimal quality and traceability.

French outside!

Tubes, bottles, stoppers, pumps and cases; everything is 100% French to ensure the best quality and preservation of our products.

 It is a creative know-how and expertise, Made-in-France.

The Label Made in France

The Label Made in France

A teen with a beautiful skin is a happy teen!



The skin of children and adolescents is a fragile organ, the largest of the human body, which requires specific care according to age. And because the needs of the skin are different between the age of 5 and 15, môme care®has created tailor-made formulations, age specific, so that children and adolescents adopt an efficient beauty ritual.

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A design FRENCHY and SMART developed with young consumers and a look tested in beauty care care for optimal visibility.

Textures and fragrances attractive to children and teenagers for a daily ritual of beauty and well-being.

A new ritual for mômes well in their skin.

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